Agile Kata Pro – Level 1

Learning objectives

Understand and practice the Agile Kata pattern.

Learn techniques that inject agility into Agile Kata.

Recognize how Agile Kata can be a powerful tool for agile transformations.

Use Agile Kata in common agile transformation scenarios.

Learn how existing Agile/Scrum teams can benefit from Agile Kata.

Perform Agile Kata for product and process improvements using case studies.

Understand the role of an agile coach in Agile Kata.

Define a first step to increase business agility in your organization using Agile Kata.

We cover the following topics

  • What is Agile Kata at an overall level
  • The building blocks, Improvement Kata and Coaching Kata
  • The Agile Manifesto and Linking It
  • How Agile Kata works in practice
  • Open discussion among the participants

Agile Kata is a pattern for increasing business agility, managing agile transformations and a practice for agile teams. The current statistics for agile transformations are not very promising. 75% of all agile transformations fail to achieve their goals and therefore miss the enormous positive impact it has on employee engagement, customer satisfaction, operational performance and time-to-market (McKinsey 2022). Is it because companies see Agile as an update of business processes and not as a culture change?

Is Business Agility a big buzzword in your organization, which is difficult to break down into digestible chunks? Or are your existing agile teams looking for new ways to implement organizational change or looking for new ways of working? The list of challenges can be long.

Agile Kata is versatile and can provide answers to these common questions and challenges. It combines a proven practice, which has been used for decades in lean manufacturing, with a clear adaptation to agile values and principles. See how scientific thinking and practical application work well together in this course. You deepen your understanding that Agile Kata is not an off-the-shelf process product, but a pattern that helps you create your own process, specific to your organizational needs and goals.

Prior knowledge

No specific qualification is required to participate in this course. Everyone is welcome to participate in the course. Nevertheless, it is an advantage if you know a little about agile methods.

Who should attend the Agile Kata Pro course?

  • The entire agile team that is looking for better/alternative ways of working.
  • Agile coaches, Scrum Masters, project managers and change agents.
  • Agile managers interested in improving business agility and agile culture.
  • Business leaders interested in learning about a simple tool that can help increase business agility

What does it cost, what is included and how to sign up?

Participation fee: 8500 NOK. No cancellation is possible.

You sign up by sending an email to [email protected]. The email must contain the following information:

  • First name
  • Surname
  • e-mail address
  • Billing Information

The fee also covers 2 tries for the exam

Date and place

– Tuesday  12.March.2024 kl. 09:00 – 16:00

Venue: Yalla yalla kaffe.

Address: Bjørndalsstølen 2, 5170 Bjørndalstræ. 
Just about 10 minutes away from the city center

Hussam Ahmad


Hussam is a senior coach and instructor with almost 3 decades behind him in the global IT industry. He has contributed to ground-breaking technological innovations at both large and smaller companies in the world.

Hussam helps companies create business value by orchestrating teams, getting people to work together towards common goals and reducing waste and delays.

He is a lifelong learner and team player with humility and passion for; lean-agile management and methodology, authorship, sharing, fostering community, a strong desire to collaborate and grow with others.

Specialities: Lean Agile Coaching, guidance and change management, design of sustainable teams, software and architectures.

[email protected] 


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